Sumeet R Deshmukh
PhD Student (2018-2021)

I am a PhD student in the department of Molecular biology and Biotechnology at the University of Shefield. Prior to PhD I have worked as an application specialist at Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore, India. My role was to support the development and application of StrandNGS , GeneSpring, MPP, which helped me gain experience in analysing high-throughput sequencing data. 

I have completed my undergraduate and master’s degree in Science (Bioinformatics). One year prior to joining Sudlab I worked at Seqomics.Ltd in Hungary. There,  I was trained in analysing different high-throughput sequencing data through open source tools.

Research Focus

My current PhD project investigates the regulatory network of Trib1 protein from a genomic perspective, focusing on its mechanism of action, as well as on identifying the reasons for its variation in expression. Our main hypothesis is that SNPs in 3’ UTR of Trib1 are responsible for altering miRNA binding sites for causing allelic imbalance. Moreover, genes co-expressed with Trib1 may have similar functions with this enzyme, or they may take part in the same biological processes.

In this sense, our aims and objectives are to:

1. Understand the basis and variability of transcript instability, by studying genetic variation in the 3’ UTR and its consequences, with a particular focus on Trib1.

2. Identify regulators and downstream effectors of Trib1, by identifying genes that show the same expression pattern as Trib1 in macrophages under cancer-like conditions.

In order to test the above, I am working on developing a number of bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of RNA-seq data sets and are validating our computational results in vitro.